Ensure Your Company is Attractive to Work For
Ensure Your Company is Attractive to Work For
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Ensure Your Company is Attractive to Work For

Ensure Your Company is Attractive to Work For

Labor shortage is a term that is increasingly appearing in the news, including at the Chamber of Commerce. We noticed something and would like to share it with you.

On the website of the Chamber of Commerce, it is noted that especially SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) with between 5 and 250 employees, suffer more from staff shortages than large corporations, particularly in the ICT (information and communication technology) sector. 25% of the businesses in this sector report having a shortage of personnel. Other sectors like construction, technology, healthcare and social services, and business services also struggle to fill vacancies.

As inspiration and a tool, the Chamber of Commerce has posted a checklist to ensure you have implemented as many actions as possible to recruit staff. Nothing wrong with that, every little bit helps. But something stood out to us when reading the checklist. What we find missing among the twenty or so actions is ensuring your company is an attractive place to work. This means having a strong and appealing image! And that is only possible if you consciously work on it as an organization. Do you actually know how your organization is perceived by the outside world?

Actively Work on Your Organization's Image

Working on an appealing image starts with the DNA of your company. The DNA of your organization is crucial to your company's image. In other words, with the DNA, you set an important part of your company's culture. Job satisfaction and productivity radiate far beyond the walls of your organization. This leads to positive discussions about your organization. And that makes you attractive to potential colleagues to win over and retain.

How do you think the outside world views your organization? And which factors determine this? How would you describe the DNA of your company? Within your own 14-days free trial subscription, you will quickly learn where you stand!

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Entrepreneurs take risks and are incredibly important for our economy. Unfortunately, a good balance between work and private life is often lacking. It is precisely this that drives Paul Joore to have a positive impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and contribute to their success.Paul is the ambitious founder of the online Route ICR platform for successful entrepreneurship. He is also the author of the entrepreneurship book ‘Succesvol groeien doe je zo!’ (Successful Growth, How to Do It!). "I believe in setting seemingly unattainable goals. Challenging oneself, innovating, and constantly improving. Supported by a well-structured organization."Paul has tens of thousands of flight hours in the business world, with a background as an entrepreneur, coach, interim manager, and former chartered accountant. Always focusing on realizing challenging goals as effectively and efficiently as possible: in other words, being successful through being inControl, in the entire process from true ambition to result.This only works by thinking, planning, and acting from a goal-oriented structure. In the SME sector, there was a lack of knowledge and experience in this area, and well-thought-out solutions were not available. Therefore, Paul decided to create this himself.In many SME businesses, the 'madness of the day' reigns. As a result, entrepreneurs are not inControl when it comes to achieving goals, let alone challenging ones. Therefore, they also do not realize their true ambition. Worse, for many, this ambition is not even crystal clear. And how can you work towards a goal without having a real one? Logically, there can also be no balance between work and private life. And no balance means no rest.So, the Route ICR web app helps entrepreneurs and teams to be inControl in the entire process from ambition to result. With the ICR "InControlRating" of your business as a growth compass. Very clear and handy to know through one number how your business is and will be doing. So you know whether you will achieve your goals and be successful from this starting point. And if the score is disappointing, you also know what to work on to improve.This way, you gradually work towards a better balance in your life, feel good about yourself, and have a positive mindset! Are you curious? You too can experience the Route ICR web app for 14 days free of charge, without obligations!
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