Many companies want to grow, but because they are not in control, they fail to do so - Part 2 of 2
Many companies want to grow, but because they are not in control, they fail to do so - Part 2 of 2
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Many companies want to grow, but because they are not in control, they fail to do so - Part 2 of 2

Limited Overview & Insight Leads to Lack of Control

In an economy running at full speed, growth is much easier than when facing headwinds. However, this doesn't mean that companies automatically succeed in their growth process. Expanding your business also means meeting new demands for its organization. Neglecting these can make the desire to grow leave a bitter taste. In two parts, we'll discuss how to avoid this, focusing today on part 2.

As a reminder, we concluded part 1 with the following text:

This means that, regardless of your company's size, you must always maintain a professional organization to grow successfully. But how do you achieve this, and where do you start? Entrepreneurs can't be experts in everything. You'd think entrepreneurs would have found a structural solution to this by now. Unfortunately, that's not the case, but there is good news!

Professionalization fundamentally revolves around basic aspects. Imagine gathering these basics, organizing them according to a globally recognized model, and making them shareable online. This way, every entrepreneur can step-by-step elevate their organization, at a pace suitable for the business's life stage and at times that best fit their busy schedule. Combining this with an attractive price, wouldn't that be an amazing innovation?

With Route ICR, the smart checklist for entrepreneurs, this is now a reality. It's the solution that offers entrepreneurs 24/7 support in their growth process. The Route ICR dashboard instantly shows where your business stands. From there, it clarifies what needs improvement and how to approach it. Everything you need to know is packaged in a highly professional and user-friendly model, combined with clear, refreshing animated videos and straightforward explanations.

What you learn is immediately applied in practice, directly benefiting your business. A smart checklist providing complete overview & insight and a full script to get and keep your business in top shape. It's also ideal for involving your employees. All this ensures that everyone, from freelancers to large family businesses, maintains a professional organization, enabling consistent top performance.

The InControlRating as Your Business's Growth Compass

Central to the Route ICR approach is your business's InControlRating (ICR). The ICR continuously indicates whether your business is in shape to deliver top performance. Too often, companies don't progress beyond an ICR of 3, 4, or even the lowest score, ICR 5. Despite their growth aspirations, they fail due to lack of focus and not being in control.

Top entrepreneurs ensure they always maintain an ICR 1. They do this because it offers the best chance of running a financially healthy business. And it makes sense, as we've already established that successful growth is only possible in a financially healthy company.

Finally, whether you're an entrepreneur or an employee, we warmly invite you to explore Route ICR for free at Now that you know what's possible, don't let this opportunity for successful growth slip away!

This concludes part 2. Part 1 was published last month.

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Entrepreneurs take risks and are incredibly important for our economy. Unfortunately, a good balance between work and private life is often lacking. It is precisely this that drives Paul Joore to have a positive impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and contribute to their success.Paul is the ambitious founder of the online Route ICR platform for successful entrepreneurship. He is also the author of the entrepreneurship book ‘Succesvol groeien doe je zo!’ (Successful Growth, How to Do It!). "I believe in setting seemingly unattainable goals. Challenging oneself, innovating, and constantly improving. Supported by a well-structured organization."Paul has tens of thousands of flight hours in the business world, with a background as an entrepreneur, coach, interim manager, and former chartered accountant. Always focusing on realizing challenging goals as effectively and efficiently as possible: in other words, being successful through being inControl, in the entire process from true ambition to result.This only works by thinking, planning, and acting from a goal-oriented structure. In the SME sector, there was a lack of knowledge and experience in this area, and well-thought-out solutions were not available. Therefore, Paul decided to create this himself.In many SME businesses, the 'madness of the day' reigns. As a result, entrepreneurs are not inControl when it comes to achieving goals, let alone challenging ones. Therefore, they also do not realize their true ambition. Worse, for many, this ambition is not even crystal clear. And how can you work towards a goal without having a real one? Logically, there can also be no balance between work and private life. And no balance means no rest.So, the Route ICR web app helps entrepreneurs and teams to be inControl in the entire process from ambition to result. With the ICR "InControlRating" of your business as a growth compass. Very clear and handy to know through one number how your business is and will be doing. So you know whether you will achieve your goals and be successful from this starting point. And if the score is disappointing, you also know what to work on to improve.This way, you gradually work towards a better balance in your life, feel good about yourself, and have a positive mindset! Are you curious? You too can experience the Route ICR web app for 14 days free of charge, without obligations!
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