A living approach keeps your team sharp
A living approach keeps your team sharp
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A living approach keeps your team sharp

This blog is part of the 9 growth principles of Route ICR

Each week in our blog, we focus on the 9 tips that strengthen teamintuition in your business.

Today's tip 8: "All previous points converge in the organizational structure of your company: make it visible and shareable to ensure the team actively engages with it daily. Because what is visible receives attention. And what gets attention grows."

How would it be if all your team members, day in and day out, enthusiastically translate the vision & mission of your company into result-oriented behavior?

Start by ensuring that your approach, or rather your organizational structure, is documented. This makes it visible and shareable with your teammates. A welcome anchor to form a joint vision and approach, and thereby a solid foundation for developing team intuition. Two terms are critical for the organizational structure of your company (your approach), namely quality and structure.

But what is the relationship between quality and structure? Structure is a tool to pursue and achieve success in a manageable way. In other words, structure supports the process of moving from ambitions and intentions to desired behavior and pursued success. Thus, structure forms an important tool to consistently meet the desired minimum quality standards.

Define what the lower limit is for when something is considered good

Quality is much more than just a buzzword. When thinking of quality, entrepreneurs quickly think of ISO and procedure-driven activities. According to the dictionary, the meaning of quality is the degree to which something is good. So that's what it's all about, how good is your company really? And can you be successful when the quality of your product or service is lacking? What your customers experience as quality directly stems from the quality of your business operations. What is actually the influence of your management skills on the quality of your business operations? When is something actually 100% quality?

You will have to establish the lower limit for when something is considered good. This applies to your final products, the services you provide, but also to the organizational structure of your company. Then, these minimum quality standards must run through the veins of all team members. If expectations are not clear enough, there's often a loss of time, energy, and money. Team members are then unable or insufficiently able to follow the desired direction. As a result, realizing the vision quickly becomes jeopardized.

You must ensure that everything happening in your company meets the minimum requirements as the baseline of performance. Once that point is reached, you as an entrepreneur can say that you have your affairs in order. In other words, you have control over your company. The professional term for this is being 'inControl', and this is how you guide the growth process of your company in the right direction.

Question: Do you have control over the growth process of your business?

Over de schrijver
Entrepreneurs take risks and are incredibly important for our economy. Unfortunately, a good balance between work and private life is often lacking. It is precisely this that drives Paul Joore to have a positive impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and contribute to their success. Paul is the ambitious founder of the online Route ICR platform for successful entrepreneurship. He is also the author of the entrepreneurship book ‘Succesvol groeien doe je zo!’ (Successful Growth, How to Do It!). "I believe in setting seemingly unattainable goals. Challenging oneself, innovating, and constantly improving. Supported by a well-structured organization." Paul has tens of thousands of flight hours in the business world, with a background as an entrepreneur, coach, interim manager, and former chartered accountant. Always focusing on realizing challenging goals as effectively and efficiently as possible: in other words, being successful through being inControl, in the entire process from true ambition to result. This only works by thinking, planning, and acting from a goal-oriented structure. In the SME sector, there was a lack of knowledge and experience in this area, and well-thought-out solutions were not available. Therefore, Paul decided to create this himself. In many SME businesses, the 'madness of the day' reigns. As a result, entrepreneurs are not inControl when it comes to achieving goals, let alone challenging ones. Therefore, they also do not realize their true ambition. Worse, for many, this ambition is not even crystal clear. And how can you work towards a goal without having a real one? Logically, there can also be no balance between work and private life. And no balance means no rest. So, the Route ICR web app helps entrepreneurs and teams to be inControl in the entire process from ambition to result. With the ICR "InControlRating" of your business as a growth compass. Very clear and handy to know through one number how your business is and will be doing. So you know whether you will achieve your goals and be successful from this starting point. And if the score is disappointing, you also know what to work on to improve. This way, you gradually work towards a better balance in your life, feel good about yourself, and have a positive mindset! Are you curious? You too can experience the Route ICR web app for 14 days free of charge, without obligations!
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