What is a business model?

Business model

What is a business model?

Your company's business model represents the fundamental basis of how your company creates, delivers, and maintains value.

Therefore, try to translate your personal dream and ambition into a promising business model as effectively as possible. Document this using the 9 elements of the Business Model Canvas (BMC). Route ICR subscribers can do this within the app on their company's profile page.

The Route ICR objectives will then assist you in translating your business model into successful business operations. Additionally, the Route ICR reports will help you maintain and refine your business model further.

If you need assistance in evaluating or developing your business model, you can reach out via the chat feature within the web app. We're here to brainstorm with you, even through video calls, to provide you with new insights. Of course, the decisions are ultimately yours to make!

In the Service section of the main menu (on the Downloads page), you can optionally download the BMC template. You will also find an explanation of the relationship between BMC and ICR there. The BMC is widely used and highly effective in helping you create a new business model or map an existing one.

Determine the Goal, Make a Plan, and Get Started

Determine the goal, make a plan, and get started. Does that appeal to you? Then start your journey towards growth and success now, completely free of charge. We give you 14 days to experience our structured Route ICR approach, from step-by-step plans and e-learning to collaboration and improvement plans. And there's no obligation!

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