What is a Baseline Measurement?

Baseline Measurement

What is a Baseline Measurement?

A baseline measurement is an inventory of the current situation within your organization. Therefore, it is very beneficial to conduct an ICR baseline measurement when you first get acquainted with Route ICR. The ICR baseline measurement quickly provides insight into where your company stands and the extent to which you are maximizing its potential.

Having this insight makes it easier to determine where your greatest priorities for improvements lie. On a single A4 sheet, you'll find an overview with grades for all elements (read: ICR objectives) of business operations.

Once logged into the Route ICR web app, you navigate from the dashboard to the 'Grade Report' page for each ICR objective, starting with 'This is How We Provide Direction'. Here, you assign a grade to your organization that, in your opinion, best matches the reality.

Do this as honestly as possible, because it clearly shows where the potential for improvement lies. This way, you map the current situation to the insight based on your ready knowledge.

Through the 'Downloads' page, you can bring up the results on your screen via the user-friendly Route ICR dashboard. You then use the baseline measurement as the first step in the improvement process for your organization. From that point on, you adjust the grades based on the steps you take.

You can do this completely free of charge! And if you would like assistance in conducting the baseline measurement, we would be happy to schedule an appointment with you. Here's how that works.

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