What is Route ICR?

Route ICR

What is Route ICR?

Route ICR (short for Route InControlRating) trains, coaches, and supports you on the challenging journey of becoming better and larger as an organization. Our unique application includes your own dynamic business plan, with a rating, as a growth compass. At the same time, the ICR application is also your online growth process guide: with directly applicable knowledge, inspiring advice, and space to record everything in a structured way. All this in one online environment. Our service: everything to help you achieve your goals.

Route ICR is most beneficial when the following ingredients are present in your company:

  1. Strong leadership driven by a crystal-clear entrepreneurial ambition
  2. A solid business model
  3. A clear vision & approach
  4. Challenging goals
  5. Discipline & perseverance
  6. Are you looking to elevate elements 1 to 4 to a higher level? We are always ready to assist you with new insights. This can also be done via video calling with us. It's effective, efficient, and even sustainable. Of course, you still make the operational choices within your organization!

Did you know that a dynamic business plan is also very handy when applying for financing? And that such a plan is also of great value during the transfer of your business? Actually, there are only advantages to having and maintaining a dynamic business plan.

Determine the Goal, Make a Plan, and Get Started

Determine the goal, make a plan, and get started. Does that appeal to you? Then start your journey towards growth and success now, completely free of charge. We give you 14 days to experience our structured Route ICR approach, from step-by-step plans and e-learning to collaboration and improvement plans. And there's no obligation!

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