What personal ambition means for an entrepreneur?

Personal ambition of the entrepreneur

What personal ambition means for an entrepreneur?

Within the ICR approach, a challenging personal ambition of the entrepreneur is the starting point for successful entrepreneurship. This involves a clearly defined, inspiring, and ambitious goal that goes beyond normal business objectives. It focuses on a future performance that exceeds the boundaries of what seems possible. The entire ICR approach is aimed at making the impossible possible, with a well-thought-out structure & organization. First better, then bigger!

The importance of a challenging ambition for an entrepreneur with their own business cannot be overstated. This serves as a guiding compass that determines the course of the business and directs its growth. It enables the entrepreneur to have a clear vision of where the business should go and what needs to be achieved in the long term.

However, this challenge is not only relevant for the business itself, but also for the personal ambition of the entrepreneur. It helps the entrepreneur to integrate their personal vision and goals with those of the business. By setting an ambitious goal that goes beyond current capabilities and performance, the entrepreneur is challenged to bring out their best and grow personally.

More than just a business goal, it is a vision that energizes, motivates, and inspires the entrepreneur. It ensures that the entrepreneur works every day with passion and determination to achieve the set goals. It also helps in attracting and retaining talented employees, as they are inspired by the higher purpose and want to contribute to something greater than themselves.

Last but not least, a challenging ambition can act as a yardstick for success. It enables the entrepreneur and team to assess the progress and performance of the business. And if necessary, make adjustments or recalibrate the strategy and approach. It gives targeted focus and priority to the company's efforts. As a result, the entrepreneur is better able to determine which activities and opportunities truly contribute to achieving the ultimate goal (read: the challenging ambition).

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