What does mission mean?


What does mission mean?

The mission is inspiring and provides a concise and powerful description of what your company stands for and aims to achieve. The mission indicates the role your company can and wants to fulfill in the market. This is also referred to as your company's reason for being.

Therefore, the mission directly reflects the purpose-driven approach of your entire business operation. Essentially, all decisions and actions should contribute to your company’s mission.

By carefully formulating the mission, it provides direction for your employees. It also resonates with customers who are the best fit for your mission. In other words, the quality of your customers matches the quality of your mission.

Only then can there be absolute focus in all processes, which naturally leads to higher revenues and lower costs (provided you have a sound business model, of course).

Steps to Develop a Good Mission:

  1. Initial Research: The responsible person gathers existing materials and records them in the "Mission" input field within ICR.
  • Outcomes of any previous attempts to develop a good mission.
  • Key elements from research reports, annual reports, or (strategic) plans.
  • Similar statements from competitors and other relevant organizations.

2. Team Collaboration: Share the findings with your (core) team - using the "Share with your team" function under the "Mission" input field within ICR.

  • Share the results from step 1 with your organization’s core team.
  • Discuss which elements must be included in the mission.
  • Record these in the "Mission" input field within Route ICR.
  • Draft a concept mission statement and formally request feedback from the core team using the (Share with your team function).

3. Building Consensus: Ensure support within your organization.

  • If the core team is satisfied with the draft mission, seek feedback from a broader group of employees across all levels and departments.
  • Based on the feedback, the core team finalizes the mission statement.
  • Request feedback again from the initially involved employees to ensure that the most recent feedback and associated score are recorded within ICR.
  • The core team members ensure that everyone understands what the mission means for their daily activities.

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