What is leadership risk?

Leadership risk

What is leadership risk?

Leadership risk ranks at the top of the list of risks that prevent entrepreneurs from achieving their goals. Fundamentally, leadership is about influencing others in such a way that they do things they wouldn't normally do on their own. If it's lacking in an organization, then effectively, that organization is rudderless. However, within an SME, leadership begins with the entrepreneur's ambition.

For entrepreneurs, leadership development starts with a crystal-clear personal ambition, especially if you want your business to grow successfully. Only once your true ambition is firmly set, do you start thinking about which business model will realize this ambition. If you then structure your organization in the right way, you'll end up being more a coach to your own team than a manager. This makes your business much more productive and better at creating value. In other words, it optimally fulfills SME governance.

Our definition of SME governance is the realization of long-term value creation within companies through direction and control.

Until recently, a governance model specifically for SMEs was lacking. These frameworks have historically been designed and implemented for larger (publicly traded) organizations. As a result, many entrepreneurs are unfamiliar with methodologies and tools for directing and maintaining control over long-term value creation. At Route ICR, we mainly talk about maintaining control over realizing your entrepreneurial ambition.

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