What are growthcircles?


What are growthcircles?

To facilitate the organization and structuring of your business, we use the Route ICR Growthcircles. These growthcircles simplify the creation of focus and the management of your business processes.

The strength lies in the fact that the circles are well-aligned and thus continually reinforce each other. We distinguish 5 growthcircles:

  1.  Strategic
  2. Operational
  3. Reporting
  4. Compliance
  5. Care

Essentially, the growth circles symbolize organizing and structuring to deliver a top performance. By adequately filling in the growthcircles, you significantly increase the chances of successful growth.

Within the growthcircles, you actively work on a total of 33 ICR objectives to ensure that your business runs like a well-oiled machine. Report cards let you know where you stand and where you need to improve to maximize the chance of success.

Determine the Goal, Make a Plan, and Get Started

Determine the goal, make a plan, and get started. Does that appeal to you? Then start your journey towards growth and success now, completely free of charge. We give you 14 days to experience our structured Route ICR approach, from step-by-step plans and e-learning to collaboration and improvement plans. And there's no obligation!

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