What are growth principles?

Growth principles

What are growth principles?

At ICR, we don't beat around the bush. Ambitious entrepreneurs really can't do without a solid foundation under the growth process of their business.

To successfully operate and grow, you work together with your team. Growth here signifies progress. First better, then bigger. In that order and applying the 9 ICR growth principles. Because with these pillars, entrepreneurs lose the fear of employing (more) staff. These growth principles ensure that you apply the right starting points for the organization and management of your business. Thereby, they lay the foundation for a culture of improvement in your company.

Especially from elite sports, we understand the importance of teamwork. A clear vision, common goals. A shared approach. Automatisms and built-in certainties in execution. Holding each other accountable for undesirable behavior and opportunities for improvement. Implementing improvement actions. These are completely logical starting points to form a top team. The 9 ICR growth principles are therefore primarily aimed at working on a highly developed team intuition. Because in business, the same principles that work in elite sports apply at the core.

Determine the Goal, Make a Plan, and Get Started

Determine the goal, make a plan, and get started. Does that appeal to you? Then start your journey towards growth and success now, completely free of charge. We give you 14 days to experience our structured Route ICR approach, from step-by-step plans and e-learning to collaboration and improvement plans. And there's no obligation!

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