What are distribution channels?

Distribution channels

What are distribution channels?

A distribution channel refers to the way in which you get your product or service to your customers. In your company's business model, you should already be considering this.

As part of your strategic marketing plan, you should think about the marketing mix to be employed. Within the marketing tools to be applied, 'Place' essentially revolves around Distribution because it's all about delivering the product or service to the customer at the right moment. This customer can be a consumer, but it can also be a wholesaler or retailer. These are referred to as distribution channels. When it comes to distribution policy, considerations include production locations, storage, logistics, sales locations, and other distribution channels.

Consider asking questions like:

  1. Where will we produce or offer our services from?
  2. Through which distribution channels will we offer our product or service?
  3. How will we distribute our product or service?
  4. Where will we store our inventory?
  5. What market coverage are we aiming for?
  6. How will we organize our logistics?
  7. Are we selling through direct or indirect channels?

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