What is differentiating ability?

Differentiating ability

What is differentiating ability?

Differentiating ability is what makes your company so special in the eyes of your customers that they choose your business over competitors. The more unique your differentiating ability, the better. This avoids the need to compete on price. After all, companies compete on price when they are not unique and have no other option.

From this standpoint, offering discounts can be destructive for your business. Discounts attract customers who want your product or service cheaply. And the problem is, there's always another company offering cheaper products or services. Therefore, it's crucial to learn to value yourself. Focus on gathering excellent customers around you, as you want customers who return. So, they better be great customers!

Work on developing a unique differentiating ability that creates value for your (future) customers. Also, think carefully about who your ideal customers are and what requirements they meet. Additionally, take a critical look at your company's business model.

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