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Do you, as an entrepreneur, have a balanced life?

Learn to pursue purposeful entrepreneurship and ensure the right focus in your business

Step-by-step guide from a unique web app

Clear focus as the foundation for success

Integrated management approach for SMEs

Introductie Route ICR webapp

In bijgaand filmpje geeft onze virtuele assistent een korte introductie van de Route ICR webapp, speciaal voor beginnende gebruikers.

The best solution for successful entrepreneurship


Quickly learn and apply using our user-friendly and effective web app, together with your team.


We aim to reflect the best insights to you, helping you understand your business's position.


Custom solutions in which interrelationships and consequences are carefully considered.

Beter presteren en meer verdienen met je bedrijf door te werken met Route ICR de nr 1 oplossing voor MKB governance in Nederland


We guide and support you and your team in developing and implementing improvement actions.
Route ICR groeicirkels als houvast om grip te hebben op het realiseren van je ondernemersambitie


In the Route ICR community, entrepreneurs inspire, question, and help each other.


Ultimate approach

An integrated management approach is crucial for delivering top performances. All aspects of business operations must work together in perfect harmony. Focusing on the same goal across all processes forms the foundation. This ensures that execution is manageable and orderly.

With my background as an entrepreneur, coach, interim manager, and tens of thousands of hours of experience in business, I felt it was time to provide new momentum to SMEs. I noticed a lack of tools in SMEs that are available in larger corporations, particularly in terms of knowledge and skills needed to initiate and facilitate growth.

The biggest challenge in this development journey was to translate technical jargon into language that is accessible and understandable for every entrepreneur. Fortunately, I always hear that I have succeeded well in this. So, you don't need to have studied business administration or anything similar to still follow a successful management approach in your business!

With the Route ICR approach, you as an entrepreneur significantly increase the chances of realizing your entrepreneurial dreams in every growth phase of your business. From our web app, we guide you and help you step by step in the process of moving from ambition to result. Starting from a crystal-clear entrepreneurial ambition, you first work on a promising business model, then translate this into effective and efficient processes.

Moreover, you and your team can systematically document everything in the Route ICR web app. On behalf of Team ICR, I wish you much success in realizing your entrepreneurial ambition!

With ambitious regards,

Paul Joore

Shirley Dap from HEAL Interior Design on Route ICR

We are eager to grow, both as a team and in terms of revenue. It's quite surprising to me how an online solution can aid my business in gaining better control over this growth process. I am very excited about Route ICR! Unknowingly, Route ICR brings more focus and tranquility. It forces us to deal more consciously with the consequences of the decisions we make. A beautiful aspect is its dynamic nature, which is also inherent to business management.

Why you should work with the Route ICR web app

  • Smarter business, better performance, earn more.
  • For every growth phase of your business.
  • A step-by-step plan as the foundation for improved performance.
  • More purposeful management. Better. Together. Focus.
  • Daily work towards a highly developed teamintuition.
  • Always access to your own clear, dynamic business plan.
  • Control over the process of moving from ambition to result.
  • Significantly greater chance of successful entrepreneurship.
  • Fewer problems, more peace.

Believe in growth!

Believe in growth

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Route ICR - Pro Basics

Strive for a balance between work and personal life

    • Why?

    Positive impact on your life as an entrepreneur

    Contributes to your success

    Feeling good and at peace

    • How?

    ICR webapp for successful entrepreneurship

    In essence, creating value yourself

    Continuously, yet step by step, working on improvements in your organization

    Knowledge and skills become ingrained in the organization and are structurally embedded in business operations

    The use of a real-life coach accelerates the growth process

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