What is InControlRating?


What is InControlRating?

Through your company's InControlRating (ICR), you manage the process of moving from ambition to results. The ICR is structured around five growth circles, which in turn comprise 18 areas of responsibility. Ultimately, these 18 areas of responsibility include the 33 ICR objectives that you will actively work on.

Within the 33 ICR objectives and the underlying items, you demonstrate how your organization fulfills these objectives. The higher the grade for an objective, the more it contributes to your company's ICR.

Your goal is to achieve ICR 1. This level maximizes your organization's potential, allowing you to move very purposefully from point A to point B, and optimally stimulates the growth process to become better and bigger. Conversely, the lowest score, ICR 5, indicates the opposite effect.

The ICR essentially predicts how successful your management approach and the resulting performances will be.

Determine the Goal, Make a Plan, and Get Started

Determine the goal, make a plan, and get started. Does that appeal to you? Then start your journey towards growth and success now, completely free of charge. We give you 14 days to experience our structured Route ICR approach, from step-by-step plans and e-learning to collaboration and improvement plans. And there's no obligation!

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