What is inControl?


What is inControl?

InControl refers to the ability to manage, regulate, or steer situations, processes, or events towards a desired goal or outcome. This applies both at a personal level and at an organizational level. Being InControl implies a certain level of mastery, awareness, and responsibility over the circumstances or activities to which it applies.

In other words, being InControl means having a grasp on what you are responsible for, so you're not caught off guard within the established norms. It's also akin to having your affairs in order. The degree to which you are InControl essentially predicts how successful your management approach and resulting performance will be.

Organizations are surrounded by internal and external uncertainties that can jeopardize the achievement of objectives. An organization is InControl when it acknowledges these uncertainties and takes measures to make the organization's performance predictable. For your organization, it's primarily about being InControl regarding the goals you've set.

Through the setup of processes and responsibilities, you determine how purposefully your organization operates. ICR (= InControlRating) assists in this process, ensuring you always have overview and insight, making you better able to be InControl. Because even when the journey from ambition to result is successfully executed, you're still InControl.

Steering to be InControl essentially offers organizations the opportunity to visibly (and therefore demonstrably) have more control over their processes, activities, and performance. This enables organizations to respond quickly to changes, manage risks, and seize opportunities. This leads to improved efficiency, higher quality products and services, and ultimately a competitive advantage in the market.

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