Control Over Growth: Entrepreneurs Create Value Independently, Even Without an Advisor
Control Over Growth: Entrepreneurs Create Value Independently, Even Without an Advisor
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Control Over Growth: Entrepreneurs Create Value Independently, Even Without an Advisor

Overview and Insight as a Basis for Steering

As an entrepreneur, you undoubtedly lie awake at times, unsure where to start to find a solution. You're on your own, and even if you know where to begin, how do you know if you have done enough? After all, when is your business truly (organizationally) in order?

For unexplainable reasons, we often skip the basics. In this case, we're talking about the necessity of having an overview. Without a clear view of a situation, you can't make good decisions and lack control. Worse, without control, there's no growth.

You probably often ask yourself questions like: How does my business actually stand out in the market? How is our company's environment evolving? What about financing in the short and long term? Are we focusing on the right customers? Do we have the right people employed, and is our IT environment future-proof? Are we using the right reports to steer our decisions? And the list goes on.

However, this information is often unorganized in your mind, leading to a blurry and incomplete picture of reality. Yet, we all know how important it is to have an overview when you want to make good decisions. Would you cross a busy intersection blindfolded?

The question now is how we can achieve (total) overview within our companies. Before we answer this, let's take a short detour.

A Comfortable Feeling About Achieving Goals

Globally, publicly traded companies have been required for years to demonstrate that they have oversight and control. This is mainly to assure investors and shareholders that these companies are well-managed and in control. As an entrepreneur, you undoubtedly want the same comfort, as you are both a manager and an investor.

For the average SME, the COSO framework applied by publicly traded companies worldwide is too complex and extensive. To provide a solution for SMEs, ICR has based its online tooling on the professional foundation of COSO. More importantly, the tooling is made very simple and accessible through the ICR Growth Circles.

The information, which is unorganized in the entrepreneur's mind, thus becomes part of a coherent whole, providing a clear and complete picture of reality. The way you fill in the ICR Growth Circles is recorded in your own secure 'Route ICR' environment. Through the dashboard, the setup and level of your own company are clear, always available, easy to maintain, and can also be downloaded in a PDF report, for example.

For you as an entrepreneur, this makes it easy to pinpoint problems 24/7 and make result-oriented decisions.

Work on improvement actions for your company at your own pace. This can even be done without a costly advisor, as with the support and structure of our web application, you can do more by yourself than you think. Thus, through the ICR Growth Circles, you have an overview, making entrepreneurship more enjoyable and giving you Control over Growth.

Over de schrijver
Entrepreneurs take risks and are incredibly important for our economy. Unfortunately, a good balance between work and private life is often lacking. It is precisely this that drives Paul Joore to have a positive impact on the lives of entrepreneurs and contribute to their success. Paul is the ambitious founder of the online Route ICR platform for successful entrepreneurship. He is also the author of the entrepreneurship book ‘Succesvol groeien doe je zo!’ (Successful Growth, How to Do It!). "I believe in setting seemingly unattainable goals. Challenging oneself, innovating, and constantly improving. Supported by a well-structured organization." Paul has tens of thousands of flight hours in the business world, with a background as an entrepreneur, coach, interim manager, and former chartered accountant. Always focusing on realizing challenging goals as effectively and efficiently as possible: in other words, being successful through being inControl, in the entire process from true ambition to result. This only works by thinking, planning, and acting from a goal-oriented structure. In the SME sector, there was a lack of knowledge and experience in this area, and well-thought-out solutions were not available. Therefore, Paul decided to create this himself. In many SME businesses, the 'madness of the day' reigns. As a result, entrepreneurs are not inControl when it comes to achieving goals, let alone challenging ones. Therefore, they also do not realize their true ambition. Worse, for many, this ambition is not even crystal clear. And how can you work towards a goal without having a real one? Logically, there can also be no balance between work and private life. And no balance means no rest. So, the Route ICR web app helps entrepreneurs and teams to be inControl in the entire process from ambition to result. With the ICR "InControlRating" of your business as a growth compass. Very clear and handy to know through one number how your business is and will be doing. So you know whether you will achieve your goals and be successful from this starting point. And if the score is disappointing, you also know what to work on to improve. This way, you gradually work towards a better balance in your life, feel good about yourself, and have a positive mindset! Are you curious? You too can experience the Route ICR web app for 14 days free of charge, without obligations!
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